Trust the Experts for Oil and Fuel Analysis. 


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Your assets are not running smoothly?

And a stop would cause costs and scheduling problems? An oil analysis could help to find the cause quickly and inexpensively. You don’t have to stop the machine.

Simply request an oil analysis and you will receive a special envelope with:

  • Sample bottle
  • Submission sheet with question to your assets and your problems (e.g. machine vibrates, runs hot etc.)
  • Return envelope

Within a short time, your sample will be examined in our laboratory using the latest technology and a precise analysis will be made. This will be evaluated by specialists and you will receive the result with our solution-oriented recommendation.


  • Industrial plants
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Power generation

All technology that runs using lubricants!

A high-quality lubricant is indispensable for their optimal and long-lasting performance. This can be an oil, but also a grease. But every lubricant is contaminated during its use by high operating temperatures, contact with air and impurities such as dust, water and wear particles. This creates risks that must be detected early on to avoid major damage.

The lubricant therefore provides important information about its own condition and the health of the machine.


Our solutions and services, adapted to the different industries, make lubricant analysis easy. We advise you for the right scope of analysis that will give you the optimal result of your investment.

Our service is characterised by a high degree of flexibility: starting with the compilation of the sample kits, to the most diverse possibilities of data input, to individual test scopes and reports, we make oil analysis easy for you and your employees, so that the inhibition threshold for taking samples is very low.