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Transformer oils are often in use for decades and must function properly. An analysis not only provides you with information about the condition of the oil, but also about the transformer, so that you can identify potential problems at a very early stage and take action in good time.

The IEC 60422 standard is THE guideline for monitoring and maintaining transformers. Our analysis of transformer oils complies with this guideline. We do not limit ourselves to mineral oils, but also examine transformer oils based on ester or silicone oils.

In addition to the tried and tested analysis programs (see table), we offer further tests so that you can put together your own program:

  • PCB (IEC 61619)
  • Corrosive sulphur (ASTM D1275B / IEC 62535)
  • Flash point (ISO 2719)
  • Interfacial tension – IFT (ASTM D971)
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40°C (ISO 3104)
  • Inhibitor content (IEC 60666)
  • DDF via conductance and capacitance (IEC 61620)
  • Irgamet 39 Content (IEC 60666)
  • DBDS – Dibenzyl disulphide (IEC 62697-1)