Would you like to send us a sample, but don’t have a sample form to hand?

For us, the so-called kit reference numbers, starting with PRE010xxxx or QR000xxxxx, are proof that you have already paid for your analysis.

You can download the

online specimen form

in PDF format, print it out and attach it to the sample or send it to us by clicking on the mail symbol.

If you have a kit reference number to hand, please enter it. If not, we will subsequently charge you for the sample at the individual analysis price.

The fields marked in red(*) MUST be filled in. Here you will also find
instructions on how to fill out the sample accompanying document.


Do you have a new machine that you would like us to create for you in our TESSWEB database?

Here you will find forms that you can fill out online in PDF format and send to us. We take care of the rest, just as we agreed.


Would you like to access your results and systems at any time and from anywhere? Or register your samples yourself without the hassle of paperwork?

  • Manage your systems yourself.
  • Pre-register your sample – online or offline with the TESSWEB app.
  • Track trends in your oil analyses and detect damage at an early stage before it becomes a problem.
  • Compare the performance of different lubricants and machine types.

Here you will find instructions for the
online portal
and the app (

Both are available to you free of charge: